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Best Matchmakers of 2017

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 11-30-2017 Comments: 0

Thanks to the number of people using dating apps, the opportunities for making a love connection have increased exponentially. So why are so many people unhappy with so much choice? Why are frustrated daters spending thousands of dollars to hire a matchmaker when downloading an app is free? It’s not hard to see the problems … Continue reading Best Matchmakers of 2017

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Should You Spend the Holidays Together?

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 11-16-2017 Comments: 0

There’s no time of the year more festive – and more fraught with anxiety – than the holidays. While it’s romantic to stroll through neighborhoods filled with lights, indulge in decadent treats, and party with friends, there are also a lot of unnecessary expectations that people place on each other. This is especially true for … Continue reading Should You Spend the Holidays Together?

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