5 Awesome Ways to Find Love

5 Awesome Ways to Find Love

Posted By: Niki Payne Date: 10-20-2018 Comments: 0

When it comes to meeting new people and finding love, you generally have one of two approaches to dating to consider.

  • Approach #1: Be your own matchmaker and put yourself out there.
  • Approach #2: Hire a matchmaker to send you out on dates without you swiping a finger.

Either way, you’ve got plenty of options for taking action with your love life. Here are five of the most popular ways you can find love this year.


Did you know that nearly 60% of married people were introduced through someone they know. Many people consider this the old-fashioned, or most conventional, way of dating (offline). Today, we may see it more as social dating because it allows you to meet people you’re already connected to through your social circles.

Tell everyone you know and trust that you’re looking for a relationship. Let them know you’re open to being set up on a date with someone they think might be a good match for you. Some people love playing matchmaker. Go with it.

Don’t feel comfortable announcing to the world that you’re single and ready to mingle? Another way to play matchmaker for yourself, or for your friends, is to plan monthly get-togethers with open invites so that anyone can come.  Whenever you meet new people, invite them to your next social gathering and ask them to bring a friend.

One of the best ways to meet new people is to expand your social circle and get introduced to someone you’re interested in through a mutual friend or acquaintance. Sometime’s it’s easier to break the ice when someone else introduces you instead of you introducing yourself.

Speed Dating

Want to meet as many people as you can in a short period of time? Try speed dating. The concept of speed dating originated in 1998 by a Los Angeles rabbi as a way to help Jewish singles meet each other for dating. Since then, it has expanded far beyond the Jewish community with speed dating events hosted all around the world.

Here’s how it works: singles sign up in advance and go on a series of mini-dates ranging from three to eight minutes each depending on the number of participants. The women stay put while the men rotate after each date. At the end of the event, everyone submits to the event organizers a list of people with whom they’d like to exchange contact information. If the feeling is a mutual, both contact details are exchanged at which point it will be up to the pair themselves to schedule a proper date.

Despite the novelty and popularity of speed dating, the success rates of these events are reportedly low (just ask this dating blogger). For starters, there’s no matchmaking component which means each date is a random match and you’ll likely find yourself sitting across from someone you wouldn’t normally talk to in a bar or club setting. As a result, you may get only a couple matches for every 10 dates. On the flip side, speed dating is an awesome way to practice your flirting and conversation skills for when you finally meet someone that really tickles your fancy.

Online Dating

Around the same time when speed dating was first created, online dating started going mainstream with its portrayal in the film “You’ve Got Mail” in which two rivals fall in love over the Internet. Within a decade, online dating became a $500 million industry. Today, the industry is worth $2 billion.

Online dating is the practice of using the Internet to search for dates through dedicated websites. These online dating sites resemble store catalogues featuring singles you can flip through like a magazine until you see someone peaks your interest.

Despite all the advertisements and stories you may have seen or heard of people meeting on the Internet and getting married, online dating still has its own set of unique challenges. Did you know that as many as one-third of online daters still have yet to meet with someone they originally found online? They may only find one compatible match for every 100 profiles they review. Sometimes, that one match ends up going nowhere so you’re back to the singles catalogue browsing through another 100 profiles before you repeat the process. After a while, finding love starts to feel like a part-time job instead of a fun adventure.

Mobile Dating Apps

This convenient dating option first entered the scene in 2003, but it wasn’t until the iPhone came out in 2007 when mobile dating really started to take off. Within half a decade, mobile dating became so mainstream that its usage started surpassing that of online dating.

Mobile dating took online dating to a whole new level with the introduction of location-based dating apps, which allows users to browse through singles within proximity from a smart phone. You set your radius preferences and the apps filter matches based on how close they are to you, in addition to your preferences.

Nowadays, you no longer need a computer to date. All you need is a smart phone and you can date on the go. Unfortunately, this has led to much dating fatigue among many singles. You may get more matches than you did with online dating, but most of those matches fall flat on the floor when it comes to actually meeting or entering into a committed relationship.

The dating industry has come a long way, constantly evolving to make it easier and more convenient for people to meet, singles to date and friends to connect. However, the options have become so overwhelming that singles are now looking for an alternative solution – one that minimizes dating fatigue and simplifies their options through the lens of expert matchmaking capabilities.

Personal Matchmaking

Long before online dating, human matchmakers have been facilitating courtships and marriages for centuries. Traditional matchmakers were usually religious figures or elderly women in the community. Most interesting is the fact that matchmakers were usually employed by parents in search of a suitable mate for their children as a means for preserving their wealth or heir line.

Today singles are turning to matchmaking all on their own. For a select few, matchmaking is viewed as a last-ditch effort to find love when all else has failed. For a growing number of others, it’s the first stop to Relationshipville due to the private and discreet nature of this particular mode of dating.

Modern matchmakers take the time to get to know their clients on a personal, one-on-one basis using a combination of intuition and experience rather than computer algorithms. They are typically paid a handsome fee, upfront, for screening matches on your behalf and setting you up on dates you’re more than likely to enjoy. Matchmaking also exposes you to a dating pool of people you’d normally never cross paths with as it is commonly used by those you won’t find online.

You may not get as many dates through a personal matchmaker as you theoretically could yourself with a dating app, but at least you’d have the comfort of knowing there is an added layer or safety and security in terms of dating someone with a verifiable reference, like a mutual friend and/or your matchmaker.

Starting a new romance is well within your grasp no matter what kind of relationship you’re looking for. Be proactive about your dating life. Attend speed dating events or singles mixers. Start sending people you like the first message through your favorite online dating site. Repeat this process, experimenting with new ways to meet people along the way, until you finally find love. And if that whole process has got you feeling worn down, take a chance by getting set up on semi-blind dates, either through people you know or a professional matchmaker. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on your chance to find love.

Which of these options sound most appealing to you?

Niki Payne is a freelance writer and certified hypnotherapist passionate about personal development and healthy relationships. She helps entrepreneurial singles achieve personal success using a proven 10-step Dream Coach® process. Contact Niki at www.nikipayne.com.