The Best Dating and Relationship Experts in New York

The Best Dating and Relationship Experts in New York

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 07-15-2019 Comments: 0

Are you puzzled, frustrated, or even ambivalent about the dating scene in New York? For a city as busy and exciting (and crowded) as this one, it might feel overwhelming to date, let alone make meaningful connections. 

That’s why we at Intrigued think reaching out to an expert who not only knows how to navigate dating and relationships, but also knows the unique nature of dating in New York – can be truly helpful. 

Last month, we introduced our dating and relationship expert series in Los Angeles, but now we’re moving to the East Coast…here are our top picks for dating and relationship experts in New York – so reach out! 

Andrea Syrtash

You might have seen New-York based dating and relationship coach Andrea Syrtash on shows like The View or The Today Show, or read one of her articles on Oprah’s website. When it comes to advice, Andrea has some very intuitive and insightful thoughts – notably that we gravitate towards the same “type” and that’s what usually trips us up when it comes to love. She advises singles and couples; and has recently launched a website called Pregnantish to help couples who are having struggles with infertility. 

Dr. Diana Kirschner 

Best-selling author and psychologist Dr. Kirschner wants to help you find love. Her signature book – Love in 90 Days– became a PBS special and is now a show available to stream on Amazon Prime. She has turned tens of thousands of hours of clinical experience and massive amounts of research into a method she swears by – and has had many success stories from her clients. While she doesn’t take new clients for her sessions, she does have a trained team of experts and will choose the right person to work with you.

Matt Titus

The star of Lifetime’s Matched in Manhattan, Matt Titus has helped countless singles find love and couples strengthen their relationships. You’ve probably seen Matt dishing out his advice on a national morning show, or read one of his books: Why Hasn’t He Called? or Why Hasn’t He Proposed? Matt offers a range of services, from help with crafting online dating profiles to matchmaking to couples counseling. 

Donna Barnes

Donna Barnes is an NYU-certified dating coach and TV personality, offering advice on Nightline and Good Morning America, and spent three seasons featured in the TV show “What Would You Do?” She touts her thirty years of experience in dating, and what she’s learned along the way, is laid out in her book Giving Up Junk Food Relationships. She teaches her students how to recognize when they are giving into unhealthy patterns and help them break free. (Notably, she is also considered the “break-up expert” in New York.)  

Nando Rodriguez

Nando Rodriguez – Breakthrough Coach – can help with all aspects of your life, from the personal to the professional. He got his start as a licensed chemical dependency counselor in Texas, but after moving to New York, he combined his counseling experience with his passion for helping others with dating, relationship and career advice and began his coaching business. He’s a gifted speaker, writer, and media personality, who has worked with hundreds of clients to transform and improve their lives. 

Tracey Steinberg

The self-named “Dateologist,” Tracey Steinberg has been offering her dating coach services since 2007. Her book Flirt for Fun & Meet the One teaches singles how to flirt and be confident in their searches so they can achieve better results. She gets in the weeds with her clients, offering “emergency appointment” access for your burning dating questions, being your wingwoman to practice those meeting and dating skills, and teaching dating classes for both men and women to help them learn new techniques and understand the opposite sex a little better.   

Connell Barrett

Connell Barrett wants to help men learn to date better with his program Dating Transformation. Put simply, he knows what it’s like to be rejected and sidelined because you’re not dating with authenticity and confidence. He spent seventeen years as a journalist traveling the world and meeting a variety of women and learned what works and what doesn’t. He offers a free initial assessment to do one on one coaching and formulate a plan of action for your love life. 

Terri Cole

As a psychotherapist and transformation coach, Terri Cole offers a blend of pragmatism and eastern philosophy in her sessions – dubbed The Real Love Revolution. She’s a meditator and helps women to understand and establish their intentions when looking for love, as well as to maintain healthy boundaries. In addition to multiple audio books on various topics, she operates a Boundary Bootcamp” to help her clients step into their power in relationships, as well as her signature Revolution course.   

Lindsey Metselaar and Lucie Fink

The women of the popular podcast about dating as millennials in New York City discuss their relationship struggles in front of an audience, and it’s become a hit. The name of their podcast “We Met at ACME” is named after a popular drinks spot where many first dates succeed and fail in the city. While they don’t offer one-on-one coaching, they do have a great roster of topics and guests, and the podcast is worth checking out!

Kelly Seal is a freelance writer, dating expert, and author of the book “Date Expectations: A Guide to Changing Your Dating Life and Finding Real Love.” She got her start in the dating industry by hosting speed dating events around southern California and offering advice and encouragement to attendees. She now lives in L.A. and spends her free time hiking in the Santa Monica mountains and blogging at