Best Dating and Relationship Experts in Washington D.C.

Best Dating and Relationship Experts in Washington D.C.

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 10-19-2019 Comments: 0

Dating in Washington D.C. can be exciting, but also a bit challenging. There are a ton of young single professionals, many working in politics and government and meeting new people all the time. If you network well, D.C. is the place for you! 

But meeting new people can get a little tricky when it comes to your love life. There are many ways to meet people, but how do you break away from work and networking circles to connect with potential dates on a personal level? Too often, work and personal circles mix, and this doesn’t always mean great results. (You might be interested to know that dating app Hinge got started in D.C. for those looking to meet other young professional people outside of their work circles.) 

So what’s the best way to date in our Nation’s capital? You might want to get in touch with a local expert who knows the city and how to guide you. As many busy people know, time is currency – so why waste it?  

Don’t worry, we have some suggestions to get you started. Here are the best dating and relationship experts in Washington D.C.:

Michelle Jacoby, D.C. Matchmaking

This boutique matchmaking company likes to take a personal approach with their clients. Michelle Jacoby started D.C. Matchmakers when she grew frustrated herself with online dating and the local bar scene. She works only in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, and she has extensive networks in the area to help her clients better navigate the dating scene here. She offers matchmaking services as well as coaching (which includes writing your online dating profile and choosing the best photos), and caters to professionals in the area who are interested in serious relationships. 

 Mixology, Meghann Novinskie and Kim Rosenberg

Mixology exclusively serves the LGBTQ+ community in the greater D.C. area. Its co-founders are also partners in real life, and understand the unique struggles of dating in this city. Their clients are typically career-focused and successful, so Mixology can help do a lot of the groundwork in matching them with potential partners and giving them coaching guidance along the way.  Novinskie has a deep background in matchmaking after working at other companies, and Rosenberg is heavily networked in the D.C. area where she grew up. They have been so successful in their business they are often hired to help with matchmaking in other cities. 

 Premier Match, Christie Nightingale

Christie works with single professionals typically in their 30s, 40s and 50s. She has a New York and Philadelphia office as well, but considers the D.C. dating scene “vibrant” and was moved to set up an office here. She says the dating scene can be tricky for many single professionals in sensitive government positions because they don’t want to broadcast that they are searching for a relationship. They hire Christie (or matchmakers in general) because they know she will be discreet in their search. She also works with all of her clients personally. 

 Erika Ettin, A Little Nudge

Ettin is an online dating coach and started her business A Little Nudge in 2011. Since then, she’s been a columnist and interviewed by many media outlets, and has perfected writing online dating profiles to achieve a 60% response rate from OkCupid (apparently a “good” rate is about 35%, so this is impressive). She provides an array of packaged services centered around online dating profiles, but will also arrange photo shoots and wardrobe styling, plan and organize dates, and respond to messages for clients who choose her VIP service. 

Kiki Strickland

Kiki offers women (and sometimes men!) her dating coaching services in the form of personalized packages. Her coaching focuses specifically how to meet men, flirt with them, and how to recognize a good one. In fact, her signature program is “Married in Two Years or Less.” She is marriage-focused with her clients, so serious customers only! (And it’s not cheap – her intense 3-month package is $3,000, but she’s all about results.) Kiki also has a podcast, so you can capture some of her valuable advice there.

Kelly Seal is a freelance writer, dating expert, and author of the book “Date Expectations: A Guide to Changing Your Dating Life and Finding Real Love.” She got her start in the dating industry by hosting speed dating events around southern California and offering advice and encouragement to attendees. She now lives in L.A. and spends her free time hiking in the Santa Monica mountains and blogging at