Best Matchmakers of 2017

Best Matchmakers of 2017

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 11-30-2017 Comments: 0

Thanks to the number of people using dating apps, the opportunities for making a love connection have increased exponentially. So why are so many people unhappy with so much choice? Why are frustrated daters spending thousands of dollars to hire a matchmaker when downloading an app is free?

It’s not hard to see the problems created by dating apps. Our choices now seem endless, but as research has proved, this isn’t always a good thing. Sure, you might meet someone you like on a dating app, but you’re always left wondering – what if there’s someone better? So while more daters are using apps, they’re not actually setting up more dates – they are caught in a perpetual cycle of swiping.

Let’s be honest: many daters today are looking for a more authentic dating experience, something that’s missing from dating app culture.

Matchmakers have been making a comeback in this hyper-competitive (and hyper-distracted) dating environment, helping singles achieve their goals of finding love and long-term relationships. Many singles suffer from fatigue and burnout, and are more than happy to hire someone to help them meet people the old-fashioned way.

Some matchmakers stand out from the crowd thanks to their success in helping their clients rise above the fray and find lasting relationships. We’d like to acknowledge these hardworking love advocates, who are working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring people together. Here’s our list of the best matchmakers of 2017:

Julie Ferman
Ferman has been in the L.A. matchmaking business for a while, and her connections and expertise are why clients trust her matchmaking process. Her philosophy is a bit more organic than many matchmakers; she doesn’t charge extra money if you’ve met your “limit” of introductions and dates. In fact, she loves connecting people so much that if she thinks someone is right for you, even if you’re no longer using her services, she’ll reach out. She doesn’t make wild promises to her clients and she knows the L.A. dating scene well, so if you’re an Angeleno and looking for something more authentic, check out her services.

Michelle Jacoby
Michelle heads up DC Matchmaking, a boutique VIP matchmaking service out of the Capitol City. She keeps her business small (it’s not national), which allows her to focus on local clientele and meeting with people face-to-face to get to know their preferences. She is incredibly discreet, since she deals with some high-profile customers, and she coaches all her clients along the way. Personalization is key to her matchmaking success.

Amy Andersen
Andersen is the founder of the exclusive Silicon Valley matchmaking service LINX Dating, where clients can pay thousands to be part of her VIP service. She interviews clients extensively, and gets them to think outside the box and date people they might overlook on Tinder. (She also limits their preferences to only three deal-breakers, so they aren’t unrealistic with demands.) She features eligible matches on her website, and guarantees at least 8 match dates during a two-year period for her lower tier services, more for her super VIP clients. She has been featured in the media for the success of her millennial spin on traditional matchmaking, attracting young successful tech industry players. Her website tagline states her philosophy about matchmaking: “No algorithms. No arrows. No apps. Just intuition.”

Jean Carroll
Carroll co-founded “dating concierge” service Tawkify, which claims to successfully match almost 80% of new clients within six to twelve months, according to company reports. The 73 year-old Carroll is the legendary advice columnist behind Elle Magazine’s “Ask E. Jean” as well, the longest-running column in American publishing. Tawkify has a network of dating concierges, and run extensive data analysis on every date they arrange to better understand what makes a relationship move forward. (For instance, they discovered dates worked better on Tuesdays and Saturday afternoons compared to Thursday nights, when people assumed they’d meet someone “better” over the weekend.) Carroll’s service is more affordable than some matchmakers, too – ranging from $99 to $6,000 per year.

Talia Goldstein
Talia founded popular matchmaking service Three Day Rule after organizing singles events in Los Angeles that attracted up to 600 people per event. She uses facial recognition software as part of her unusual process to better assess the likelihood of a match among her clients. So instead of assuming she knows what a client means when they say “I want to date someone attractive with dark hair and blue eyes,” facial recognition helps her to see who they have dated in the past, and what physical type attracts them.

Andrea and Cristina Morara
The co-founders of popular L.A.-based matchmaking service Stellar Hitch find that old-fashioned romance is missing in dating today, and that women and men should approach dating as an adventure, not a chore. They coach their clients through the dating process, helping them let go of limiting beliefs. They also provide image consulting to help freshen their clients’ sense of style and give them more confidence when dating. They’ve been featured on Huffington Post, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, ABC News and the Netflix series “Chelsea Does.”

While the better matchmakers aren’t cheap, it’s a good investment for your future if you want to marry or find long-term love. Let’s be honest: it takes less time and effort than continually swiping right.