Calling in the ‘One’ – A Course For Attracting Love (Book Review)

Calling in the ‘One’ – A Course For Attracting Love (Book Review)

Posted By: Niki Payne Date: 01-29-2018 Comments: 0

Can you really attract love in seven weeks? This is the question I set out to answer for myself as I took on this new love journey. If I commit to completing every assignment exactly as prescribed, can I really attract love into my life in as little as seven weeks?

In theory, yes, it’s absolutely possible. However, in practice, I discovered it was a little bit harder than I anticipated. As the weeks progressed, the assignments got harder and harder. I started off taking on one chapter a day for the first few weeks. But about halfway through, I found the time between assignments became greater and greater until I eventually finished the book, but I was still three assignments short of calling in my “one.”

The book is divided up into seven core themes, each comprised of seven lessons that dive deeper into the week’s key principles. The first week is all about creating the energetic and physical space to welcome love. The second week is about learning to let go of the past rather than become a slave to it. The third week is about identifying core heart wounds originating from childhood and healing the hungry heart. By the end of the third week, it became clear to me this book was more about becoming the “one” rather than attracting the “one”. It took me about a week to process week three before I was ready to move on to week four.

The fourth week is about creating a new vision for love and acting in accordance with that vision. The fifth week is about renewing a commitment to self and recognizing yourself as a source of love. The sixth week is about cultivating happiness, taking personal responsibility and living a life worth living. The seventh week is about accepting what is, learning to forgive and getting comfortable with taking risks in love.

As the weeks progressed, my deadline for attracting love kept extending beyond the initial seven weeks, first by one week, than by two more weeks after, than to one month later. Then it suddenly dawned on me, that I did attract love within 49 days, despite being three assignments shy of completing this love course; it just wasn’t the love I was expecting to attract.

I may not have attracted a romantic love (yet), but I did attract a different kind of love in the form of new friendships with women in my life who share in my passions and just so happen to be in loving relationships with men who support their dreams. As it turns out, you can have your cake and eat it too, as long as your partner is eating it with you too!

The big lesson I learned from this whole experience is this: you can have all sorts of dating strategies in your tool box, but none of it matters if your way of being isn’t in alignment. Your way of being is dictated by unresolved conflicts that weigh heavy on your mind. Like I surmised by the third week into the book course, this become is more about becoming the “one” than it is calling in the “one.”

If you have ever felt like it would take a miracle to turn your love life around, then I highly recommend giving this book a read and actually complete every single lesson to get the most benefits out of it. I hope you learn as much about yourself as I did about myself.