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How to Ask for What You Want in a Relationship

Posted By: Team Intrigued Date: 04-16-2019 Comments: 0

Learning how to ask for what you want in a relationship is just as important as learning how to give your partner what they want or need.

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Why Spring is the Best Time to Hire a Dating Coach

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 04-09-2019 Comments: 0

Spring is here - the perfect time for transformation! Which is why we suggest you hire a dating coach now to give your love life a fresh new start.

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Which Love Professional Do You Want To Have In Your Corner?

Posted By: Niki Payne Date: 09-29-2018 Comments: 1

Stop swiping your free time away and start getting to the heart of your relationship woes with a little help from a love professional.

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How to Tell Whether Your Summer Romance Has Long-Term Potential

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 06-02-2018 Comments: 0

You’re crazy about the guy you just met, but how do you know if your new summer romance is more than just a fling?

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How We Hold Ourselves Back from Love

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 10-09-2017 Comments: 0

We all want to experience love, but we are afraid of the risks. Past relationships still haunt us, and our minds play tricks to make us second-guess our choices. Here’s how we truly hold ourselves back from love.

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