Why Cuffing Season is the Worst Time For a Dating Cleanse

Why Cuffing Season is the Worst Time For a Dating Cleanse

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 12-04-2017 Comments: 0

Cuffing season is here, and if you’re single, you might be grappling with how to handle feelings of loneliness as the holidays approach.

For the uninitiated, cuffing season is the end of fall and the transition into the long, cold winter months, which leads some happily single people to want to be “cuffed” – or desiring a serious relationship. The holidays shine a spotlight on cuffing, since we are bombarded with images of happy couples and families gathering together to celebrate. When you’re single, this can make you feel excluded.

Some singles like to shift their focus this time of year by avoiding dating altogether. A dating cleanse is a great tool to adopt from time to time, because it allows you concentrate on yourself instead of obsessing over finding “the One.” You can cultivate your own interests, take up a new hobby or exercise routine, or simply give yourself a break from pursuing a partner. This healthy detox allows you to reset, giving you a fresh outlook and more energy for when you’re ready to start dating again.

While the holidays might seem like a perfect time for a dating cleanse if you are busy and burnt out on swiping right, I disagree. It’s time to take advantage of this social season and give a boost of excitement to your love life!

Cuffing season doesn’t have to be a reminder of what you don’t have. In fact, this might be the best time to enjoy an active social life without any agenda. You’ll be meeting new people through happy hours and holiday parties anyway, so why not put yourself out there? Here’s why Cuffing Season is actually the worst time to go on a dating cleanse:

There are too many opportunities to meet new people.

I have a personal soft spot for dating this season, because I met my husband at a friend’s holiday party – one that I hadn’t even planned to attend, but another friend of mine gently encouraged me.

He said: “There’s nothing more attractive to a guy than a woman who shows up to a party by herself. It shows she’s confident, which is really sexy.”

I had to admit despite all of my years of dating, I’d never thought about it that way. Typically I would go to a party for an hour or so, say hello to the hosts, make polite chit chat, and then leave, because otherwise I felt conspicuous as a “single” person. He reframed my perspective. After our conversation, I went to my friend’s party with much more confidence. I wasn’t afraid to flirt and have fun. This led to a spark with a man who later became my husband.

The weather doesn’t drive your libido, you do.

Let’s face it, if you want to date and experience sexual intimacy, there’s no “bad time of year” to do it! Cuffing season is just a term, so don’t feel pressured to seek out a serious relationship right now when you can just have fun. And okay, you might prefer to cuddle up with a long-term love during cold winter months, but what’s wrong with meeting and dating a few people who can warm you up too?

You can save the cleanse for your New Year’s Resolutions.

The holidays come once a year, and there is so much to enjoy – the lights, the hot cider and mulled wine, getting together with friends. Why deny yourself the fun of flirting if you happen to meet someone attractive and interesting in the process? New Year’s resolutions are important and help us set goals, and a dating cleanse might be just the thing in January or February. But for now, why not keep your options open?

Cuffing season doesn’t have to be about what you lack in your life; in fact, it’s best if this time of year you embrace new experiences, opportunities, and the chance to have some fun.

Happy holidays!