The Savvy Single’s Guide to the Ultimate Dating Detox

The Savvy Single’s Guide to the Ultimate Dating Detox

Posted By: Team Intrigued Date: 04-16-2018 Comments: 0

If the thought of going on yet another date seems more like a chore than an opportunity, it may be worth taking a break from it all to re-evaluate the state of your love life as it occurs for you.

Think of finding love as a marathon rather than a sprint. You wouldn’t run a race on a sprained ankle, would you? So why keep dating with a frail heart?

A numb or aching heart is a strong indicator of a deeper emotional injury that would be unhealthy to ignore. Afterall, the heart is a muscle; and just like a muscle, it can release toxins into the mind and body when it’s not functioning properly.

Maybe what you need is a dating detox to cleanse your heart of those negative toxins so that you enjoy the journey of dating rather than projecting your past into your future. A dating detox offers you a more holistic perspective on yourself so that when you’re truly ready to move forward, you can do so without forcing things along and getting in your own way.

Here’s our matchmaker-prescribed advice for you: Take the next two weeks off from your dating apps and emoji-laden texting matches and welcome these surefire ways to bring a little balance back into your love life.


It’s so easy to lose your way without your constellation of close friends and family to help guide and support you. Sure, we all quest for true and brilliant love, but it’s just as important to check-in with the guiding stars in our life.

Oftentimes, it’s only our best friends who can detect something a little “off” about us. Just as often, all it takes is being in the presence of our most enduring associations to make us feel more like ourselves.

If you’ve been swiping up a storm and doing more “coffee or drinks” rendezvous than you can account for, it’s likely you’ve been neglecting the other vital relationships in your life anyway.

When it comes to heartsickness, the best preventive medicine is a girls’ night out or some bro time; it’s a time-tested cure.


We are guided by reason but we our ruled by our passions. During your dating cleanse, rekindle a long-lost passion in your life. Hobbies like painting, reading or working out are just the kind of activities that require your full focus and attention.

This momentary retreat from the dating scene isn’t an escape but an important part of the healing process your emotional body is telling you it needs.

Anything that brings you back to the present moment, be it a game or some creative project, will bring your thoughts and energy back to that place of centeredness where our truest and most authentic selves live.


It’s no newsflash to travel lovers—when we leave the familiar, we find ourselves. You can choose to reset by literally leaving town for a short camping trip or fun-filled weekend. Alternatively, you can finally go check out that new bookstore or coffee shop that just opened up. Push your boundaries a little and find out what you’re really made of!

For every inhale of experience there is an exhale, a moment of repose to pause and integrate that experience. Just as day turns to night, and night gives way to dawn, the next big thing will come when its season arrives. You’ll never make it happen. You can only learn to let it happen.

So enjoy your break from dating to move energy and passion into other areas of your life so that you show up to your next date with a renewed sense of wonder and curiosity that makes dating fun and exciting again.