Has dating fatigue gotten the best of you? Comments (1)

Has dating fatigue gotten the best of you?

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 02-15-2016 Comments: 1

Have you ever stood at the counter of a bakery, staring at a lineup of cookies, cupcakes, and chocolates, wanting to try them all? And knowing if you did this – you’d get sick, and probably wouldn’t want to look at cupcakes for a long time.

Online dating can feel like this in the beginning – like you’re standing at the counter and have this incredible lineup of choices in front of you. How can you pick just one? So, you start “binge dating.”

You swipe with reckless abandon, wondering how many people will respond in kind. You fantasize about a few particularly attractive profiles, and maybe you start a little flirtatious texting. It feels great to swipe, match and date in the beginning, so you find yourself going on several coffee dates a week, meeting one person after another to see if there’s any chemistry.

You know you have dating fatigue when…

It’s fun at first, but after a while, a weary feeling starts to set in. There’s no more flirty banter, and you find yourself having the same conversations, being asked the same questions over and over again.

Some dates are not your type at all, others look nothing like their profile pictures, but most are just plain boring. Instead of being fun, dating starts to feel like a chore or like looking for a job.

When daters are exhausted from the endless swiping that leads nowhere, it’s like binging on those cupcakes – you can’t bring yourself to go on another date. You delete your apps and take down your dating profile. Maybe you think, Love can wait. It should happen more organically anyway. Dating fatigue has officially gotten the best of you.

How to break the cycle of dating fatigue

This cycle tends to repeat for many of us. We stop and start, caught in a vicious cycle of binge dating over and over again, expecting different results. So, the real question to ask yourself – how can you break from this pattern? How can you avoid dating fatigue and have more fun?

This is a good time to change things up a bit and try something new. Instead of downloading multiple apps and swiping furiously, it’s time for a more personal approach to finding a relationship.

What if you had your very own personal matchmaker to set you up on dates – someone to prescreen potential matches based on your tastes and personality for a person who might make a good fit for you? There’s something liberating about having someone else guide you through the dating process, who knows your preferences, your relationship goals, and your history, and who can advise you on whether or not someone would make a good match.

If you want a relationship, matchmaking can provide a more efficient and positive experience to help you get there. Instead of going on a lot of dates that go nowhere, your matchmaker offers up carefully-selected choices so you can spend your time getting to know your dates and having fun instead of feeling like you’re conducting an endless round of interviews.

Most of all, you won’t experience dating fatigue from all that swiping. Matchmaking can help you stay motivated, focused and optimistic about the outcome. Isn’t that a better feeling than the thought of another Tinder date?