5 Extraordinary Men I Am Very Thankful For

5 Extraordinary Men I Am Very Thankful For

Posted By: Niki Payne Date: 12-12-2017 Comments: 0

There used to be a time when I dated as a hobby, and all I’d focus on were the shortcomings of the men I would meet so that I could write about them. Naturally, I attracted more of the same until I decided to conduct a little experiment. After nearly a decade of perpetual singleness, the future of my love life was already looking pretty dismal, so I had nothing to lose by conducting this experiment.

I’m not quite sure what came over me, but I just decided one day that I would start looking for one redeeming quality from every man I met in hopes of bringing forth those qualities in the manifestation of my dream partner and relationship. The moment I made this shift, my love life started transforming for the better, and I eventually met someone I believed to be “the one;” however, I wasn’t “the one” for him. And while I was sad about it at the time, I became grateful to have met him because he left me better than he found me and served as the catalyst that helped me realize how worthy I already am.

This year, I want to honor some of my favorite men on the planet who I believe are absolutely extraordinary in their own right. These are men I greatly admire and respect for showing up in the world the way that they do, for embodying qualities I would love to see in my dream partner, and for serving as a positive male role model – not just for men, but for women too. These men are living proof that good men like them do in fact exist. (And these guys might even be friends with some of them! #justsaying)

niki payne and matt husseyMatthew Hussey

This man inspires me to no avail for his amazing work ethic, at least from what I’ve gathered. He’s very intelligent, well-read and really committed to serving his tribe. Plus he’s good looking and has a cute accent. I hope that my dream partner is as much of a go-getter as this guy; the accent would just be icing on the cake! Thank you for being authentically you! 

Lewis Howes

This man’s vulnerability absolutely melts my heart and his authenticity really shines through on his “School of Greatness” podcast. After getting to experience him live and in person at a recent book signing event, I’ve concluded he should be in the running for the title of America’s biggest sweetheart. I appreciate his commitment to personal growth and hope to find that same commitment in my dream partner. Thank you for being authentically you!

Vishen Lakhiani

This man over delivers like nobody’s business! I love how articulate he is when expressing his ideas and really appreciate his logical approach to spirituality. As the founder of Mindvalley, he is so committed to providing value to his community that he uses himself as a guinea pig; he kind of reminds me of Tim Ferris in that way. He is a brilliant business man with a beautiful vision; I only hope that my future partner will be just as business-savvy and service-oriented. Thank you for being authentically you!

Neil Strauss

This guy is one of my favorite writers on the planet. I will read almost anything he writes because he’s such a humble person (I’ve met him once at a karaoke bar!) and his words captivatingly insightful. What I appreciate most about this man is the journey he embarked to explore relationships on his own terms, which led him to the relationship he’s now in today. I hope that my dream man chooses me the way Neil (sorry, spoiler alert!) chose Ingrid. Thank you for being authentically you!

Joe Tabbanella

This man gets a special place in my heart for helping release and let go of nearly a decade of unresolved grief and over twenty years of resentment through his teachings of biofeedback, NLP and the release technique. He has a lot of heart and this  really beautiful way of bringing together the anima and animus within him. He’s manly, but he’s a softie at heart, which only makes him even manlier. And I love the way he speaks so highly of his wife, almost like she’s a goddess. I hope that my future husband thinks the world of me too. Thank you for being authentically you!