7 Spooky Halloween Date Ideas

7 Spooky Halloween Date Ideas

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 10-06-2018 Comments: 0

It’s October, which means it’s time for pumpkin spiced lattes, costume shopping, and finding scary things to do! Why not get creative and incorporate the Halloween season into your dating life? (What we mean by this is – instead of meeting for boring old drinks, how about a haunted hayride instead?) Spooky Halloween date ideas can really spice up your dating life, especially if you’re looking for a reboot.

There are plenty of options to get your scary on, no matter where you live. If you’re a Mid-Westerner, try a haunted cornfield maze or hayride. If you’re in Florida, check out a theme park like Universal, which adds a whole list of mazes and rides for this time of year. And if you’re in the South, there are so many haunted establishments to explore in New Orleans, Savannah, and even Austin, Texas.

If you want to branch out from your normal routine and celebrate the season, following are some spooky Halloween date ideas for you:

Scary movie night.

This is a classic and can be done anywhere at any time. Have some fun with it – along with the requisite popcorn and Netflix horror line-up, try carving some pumpkins for ambiance, or decorating your living room with cobwebs and other creepy objects. Be sure to grab a nice warm blanket!

Check out an escape room.

Escape rooms are incredibly popular right now, so likely there is one in a city near you. Escape rooms are fully-immersive games where you and a few others are inside of a room, and you have to look for clues and solve a mystery in order to get out. Of course, the rooms have a time limit, so you won’t really be stuck there forever! Escape rooms are themed, and you can choose your level of fright depending on how much you think you can take. For example, Los Angeles has a great Halloween-inspired array of escape rooms, including Escape Hotel Hollywood which has rooms with varying difficulty levels—from a military prison to witchcraft and zombie-themed rooms.

 Haunted house/ hayride.

There’s nothing more classically spooky than going for a haunted hayride or visiting a haunted house. Check your local listings for what’s available, and be sure to dress cozy. Take a date you really enjoy so you can grab hold of each other when a zombie appears out of nowhere!

Amusement park with Halloween attractions.

Many amusement parks have Halloween-inspired haunted houses/ mazes or haunted rides during the Halloween season. They also tend to stay open into the night, even during the week. Check out your local park – Knott’s “Scary” Farm, Universal Studios Horror Nights, Six Flags Fright Fest and others offer special tickets for their Halloween attractions.

Listen to a suspenseful podcast.

Since the popular podcast Serial launched, more suspenseful podcasts have cropped up, and it’s a great way to share a spooky evening with your partner. Check out The Moonlit Road, which shares southern ghost stories, folktales, myths, legends, and other dark tales from the backroads of the American South, told by regional storytellers. The No Sleep Podcast also boasts nine seasons worth of original horror stories accompanied by atmospheric music. If you’re looking for real-life events in the style of This American Life, check out the popular podcast Lore, offering up “dark, historic tales and modern tragedies” according to Thrillist.

Go to a midnight screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This cult classic never gets old and is especially fun to attend in theatre around Halloween. Get dressed up as your favorite character, (or don’t!), and get ready to throw rice and talk back to the screen. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a great way to kick off the spooky season with your date.

Rent a haunted Airbnb.

Are you ready for a weekend away together? Why not kick things up a notch and challenge yourselves to stay at a haunted hotel or Airbnb? Here is a list of places across the country to get you started. You can also check out the website Haunted Rooms and book a place in a location of your choice. Even better – many of the hotels offer the “most haunted” rooms at a special discount.

Happy Halloween!!