5 Feng Shui Tips For Enhancing the Quality of Your Love Life

5 Feng Shui Tips For Enhancing the Quality of Your Love Life

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 01-22-2018 Comments: 0

Are you looking for a new approach to bring love into your life this year? Feng Shui has been practiced for centuries in Chinese culture, as a way of attracting success, happiness, and wealth.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in Feng Shui, the results of its energetic principles are hard to ignore. Who doesn’t feel better when they toss the stacks of papers accumulating on their desks, paint a room a new color, or move furniture to create a new space? These subtle changes have a big impact, and can make you feel like a “new” you.

But what about your love life? Feng Shui can help with this, too. If you want to make changes, whether it’s meeting new and more interesting people, breaking bad dating habits, nurturing the relationships you’d like to develop, or just making room for love in your life, these five Feng Shui tips can help you.


Clean up the clutter.


The basis of Feng Shui is energy flow, or “chi,” which is fundamental to all living things, like breath is to our bodies. When you have a healthy chi, energy is flowing freely throughout a space with no obstacles or places where it can get “stuck.” When you have too much clutter, chi does get stuck, and contributes to you feeling frazzled, tired, and “low energy.” Think of clutter as an energy suck. When you clear out unnecessary stuff to make room for things you truly love and want to see on a daily basis, you immediately feel the difference. This is especially true in the bedroom, the bedrock of every romantic relationship.

Make your bed inviting for sharing with a partner.

Speaking of bedroom, your bed is another important component of improving the chi in your love life. If it’s tucked into a corner next to a wall, it’s not really inviting for a partner, so make sure both sides are accessible and the headboard is against a wall. Also, make your bed a truly relaxing, romantic and decadent space! Splurge on some luxurious bedding, and add red, pink, and orange colors if you want to ignite some passion, since they represent “fire.” Relocate your TV and work desk to another area of your house, because you don’t want distractions when you’re trying to get romantic. Enjoy!

Assess the balance of elements.

The elements that make up all of your living space need to be in harmony for chi to flow properly and usher in success, love, happiness and well-being to all corners of your home. The basis of Feng Shui is finding optimal balance between the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. If your living room is full of wood furniture, it’s good to bring other elements into the mix, either through objects or color. For instance, you can paint a wall red to bring in fire energy, or you can add metallic objects like a silver vase to usher in metal energy. The point is to balance, and to notice how you feel in a space. Does your living room feel uncomfortable, dark, or “low energy?” That’s a hint that your element balance could be off. If you can’t add more windows to brighten a dark room, add more vibrant colors – red, orange, and yellow – to increase “fire” energy. It’s all about balance to create optimal energy flow.

Make room in your closets.

This might feel silly, but you have to make physical space in your home for a partner in order to attract love energy into your life. This is another important question to ask when you’re incorporating Feng Shui: what is it that you really want, and are you ready to receive it? If you take up all of your space with your own things, how is your future romantic partner going to make himself at home? Start with closets – leave some empty hangers and rack space for your future love to hang his clothes. It’s a simple thing, but it also frees up your chi to flow more freely, and to usher in new love.

Express love, embrace love – you are part of Feng Shui.

The most important part of good Feng Shui is how you interact with your environment! You might make all the right physical fixes, but without understanding and allowing changes within yourself, Feng Shui can only do so much! In fact, traditional Feng Shui practitioners always factor in your energy when they are making recommendations, because you want to feel comfortable, happy, and safe in your space so that you can usher in love and success and live in harmony with those energies. If you tend toward depression or isolation, make your home more inviting. Think about surrounding yourself with objects and art and textures that you love, because you want your home to welcome you (and that special person) when you walk through the door.

Feng Shui can definitely help you breathe new life into your space, and help usher in new energy. When you feel energized and rejuvenated, you bring that energy out into the world, on your dates, and with time, into your new romantic relationship.