Romantic Love Rituals For Strengthening Your Relationship

Romantic Love Rituals For Strengthening Your Relationship

Posted By: Niki Payne Date: 02-12-2018 Comments: 0

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or you’ve been in a relationship for years, you’re going to want to keep reading for love tips from my favorite power couple: Jon and Missy Butcher. If you haven’t heard of them until now, be thankful that you’ve been turned on to them now rather than later because Jon and Missy are one of the best examples I have found of a healthy relationship from which the rest of us can learn from.

I often come across women disillusioned by the examples of love and relationships that permeate their everyday life. Stories of cheating lovers and ungrateful partners have a detrimental impact on their ability to attract love. Why is that, you ask? Because these stories create a series of reference points the subconscious mind then uses as supporting evidence to reinforce negative beliefs about love, sex and relationships.

Today, I want to share with you three love rituals that make Jon and Missy’s relationship so magical so that, regardless of your relationship status, you’ll leave with a new reference point for creating new possibilities in your love life. In this interview with Jon Butcher, the entrepreneur applies Isaac Newton’s laws of thermodynamics to the natural progression of a love relationship.

The best way to keep a relationship exciting and moving in the right direction is through habitual connection rituals. Without constantly putting life back into the relationship, it’s the natural tendency of life to wither and decay. Much like your body requires exercise to maintain basic motor functionality, so too does your heart to maintain health and vitality.

Here are a few love rituals you may want to try on for size in your own relationships for a love that is as ever-evolving as you!

Love Ritual #1: Daily Connection

The beauty of being in a relationship is that you each come with your own set of experiences from which you can learn, share and grow together. One habitual connection ritual Jon and Missy have adopted into their lives is spending an hour every day to reconnecting and learning about each other’s day. This breaks up the monotony of your day by providing a safe place to vent and let go while also breathing new life into your relationship in the form of emotional support and human connection.

Ritual #2: Weekly Intimacy

One love ritual that Jon Butcher absolutely swears by is a weekly overnight sex date. Physical intimacy is such an integral part of a romantic relationship, but is often the first thing to go when a relationship grows stagnant. Avoid this pitfall by being proactive in making sure there’s always time to explore each other’s bodies and connect in the highest way possible. If overnight is not an option, then at least hire a babysitter for the evening and don’t come home until the kids are fast asleep so you can continue the romantic evening way past your bedtime.

Ritual #3: Annual Retreat

One last habitual connection ritual worth adopting is a week-long spa vacation where it’s just the two of you reviewing your life visions together. It’s basically a week in paradise getting crystal clear on the life you both want to consciously create together. Making this a regular practice can breathe new life into your relationship continuously when you’re both committed to the same vision.

Now I know what all the single ladies are thinking. There thinking, This doesn’t apply to me because I’m not in a relationship. Wrong. This totally applies to even the single folks. Your daily connection ritual could be starting a gratitude journal. Your weekly intimacy ritual could look like solo dates at your favorite restaurants. And your annual retreat ritual could be a trip abroad to anywhere in the world where you can focus on nothing but you and your vision of life and love.

It’s never too late to start a new ritual for deepening the love that already exists in your life!