How to Increase The Love Vibrations of Your Heart

How to Increase The Love Vibrations of Your Heart

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 02-19-2018 Comments: 0

Let’s be honest: finding love can be a confusing and elusive process, one that leaves us feeling powerless because in many ways, it seems out of our control. There are many ways to meet people, like through dating apps or friends, but most of the time real connection and chemistry is hard to find.  

Often, our immediate reaction when our love lives don’t go as planned is to find fault with external circumstances. Maybe you’ve had too many bad dates, or gotten involved with unhealthy people, or experienced unexpected heartbreak. Life can be unfair and cruel at times, but what if these challenges give us an opportunity to take a deeper look at ourselves?

Each of us is part of the equation in any relationship. When you experience heartache, loneliness, or a lack of love, you can ask yourself, what am I not seeing clearly, and what can I do differently? What if I look at this from another vantage point – that I do have the power to attract romantic love?

It’s time to reclaim your power.

If your old ways aren’t working for you, what can you do to make a better experience for yourself, to meet a better quality man or woman for a potential relationship? The truth is, you have more power than you realize. It is possible to increase the love vibrations of your heart. But it starts with the desire to see yourself clearly, and to be willing to make a change.

Following are some steps to increase the love vibrations of your heart:

Look for experiences that bring you joy.

Curiosity is an undervalued asset! When you are feeling depressed or uninspired in your love life, it’s a good time to try something new in your personal life – like taking up a new hobby or exploring a new place. When you approach something as a student, you nurture a part of yourself that stirs your creative, pioneering spirit. So if you’ve wanted to learn French, paint, surf, or try your hand at snowboarding, this is the time to sign up! If you always wanted to take a trip to the Grand Canyon, now is the time. The point is to see what brings a little more joy to your life, and explore it with passion. Cultivating newfound joy increases your love vibration.

Practice self-acceptance.

Judgment, especially when we judge ourselves harshly, kills a part of who we are, and who we are meant to be in the world. We each have our own unique way of being, and our own way of expressing ourselves. Instead of constantly judging your actions, what you’re doing right or wrong, practice more acceptance. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Concentrate on your strengths, and remind yourself of them every day. We are all worthy of love. The more love you have for yourself, the more acceptance you can give yourself, the more love you will have for others. When you have more love to give, you definitely attract more love into your life.


When you are hung up on past wrongs, or in a cycle of blame, it’s difficult to move on with your life. You tend to stay stuck in negative emotions, which means you will attract others who are stuck in their own pain, too. Forgiveness isn’t an act you do for someone else, but for yourself. The act of forgiving really means that you are ready to let go of carrying all that hurt and pain. You are ready to feel light again, to be free. When you forgive, you are telling the Universe you’re ready to move forward. This naturally brings more opportunities and more potential for a love connection.

Choose courage over fear.

Here’s the thing about fear: it prevents you from taking risks and potentially getting hurt, but it also means you are stuck exactly where you are now. It is hard to ignore fear, especially when it comes to love because likely you’ve had your heart broken. You might question whether you want to go through that again. But here’s the truth: the only way to connect with another person is to make yourself vulnerable. You have to have enough courage to take the risk that maybe the relationship won’t work. But the reward is, you might find the love of your life. The more you choose to act with courage over fear, the more opportunities you create for yourself. Your open heart and willingness to be vulnerable will increase your capacity to love and attract love into your life.

If you’re really looking, you’ll see that love is everywhere, and underlies everything. It is what connects us to each other. The more we’re willing to open our hearts, practice self-love, and forgive others, the more we attract love to us.