5 Reasons Why Married People are So Lucky

5 Reasons Why Married People are So Lucky

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 03-05-2018 Comments: 0

St. Patrick’s Day will be here soon, which means green beer, basketball, and hopefully some good old Irish luck! There’s something energizing and fun about this holiday – because we all want to feel lucky, right? Especially in the relationship department.

If you’ve been married a while, it’s easy to forget how good you’ve got it.

Yes, even married folks want to feel lucky, y’all! Some days we get along with our partners and other days we fight and feel misunderstood. It can be tough! This time of year is a good reminder – when you feel yourself getting annoyed or impatient, it’s a good time to practice some gratitude.

Think of all the dating apps out there, and the humbling fact that over half of American adults are single and working hard to meet someone special! Yes, you should feel lucky that you are part of a couple, that you have someone with whom you can curl up at night or share a bottle of wine. (Admit it – regular sex is a good perk, too.)

In honor of St. Patty’s Day, and in case you need a little reminder, here are 5 reasons why married people are so lucky:

You have a built-in travel buddy.

Think of the romantic weekends and exotic vacations you can take together (if you haven’t already exhausted the possibilities)! There’s something magical about traveling with your spouse, whether you’ve been together for years or a few months – you can enjoy and experience new places together. Picture it: you and your beloved, lying on the beach with a margarita, watching the waves roll in. Life doesn’t get sweeter than that.

Shared expenses.

No, this isn’t romantic, but it IS practical. When you can combine your incomes, you have more purchasing power to secure a home, treat yourself to a nice date, or just be able to save for retirement. Married couples do fare better financially despite a bigger tax burden, so rejoice in your luck!

You can split doing the dishes.

And the laundry, and yard work, and taking out the trash. In other words, you two have one another’s backs in taking care of your space and pitching in to make daily chores more manageable. And if the refrigerator breaks down? You can take turns calling the repair guy. Really, having a partner makes the routine annoyances of life much easier to handle – you’re in this together.

It’s more fun to do stuff with a partner.

I admit, my husband is really fun to hang out with. Sure, I enjoyed going solo to parties and events, but when you have someone to share the experience, it makes it that much more exciting. It’s even better if you have different tastes – you can enjoy new experiences together, expanding beyond your own preferences. For instance, you might like seeing your favorite bands in concert, but your hubby likes visiting edgy and cool art galleries downtown. It’s very rewarding to learn and be curious together – and there’s so much more to learn about your partner, even as the years go by! You’re always growing – both of you – so keep learning.

A trusted sex partner!

Who knows you and your body better than your spouse? While some folks complain that sex can get stale in a marriage, I counter the argument. You can explore and have a little more fun together, because you are within the context of a trusted relationship. What’s more exciting than trying something new sexually? Lucky you!

So married folks, it’s time to celebrate the luck you’ve had in finding a partner. When you drink your green beer, remember this list and toast your good fortune every day you are together, even when times are tough.