How to make dating fun again

How to make dating fun again

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 06-20-2016 Comments: 0

Do you feel disheartened when someone asks about your personal life, tired of listing the reasons you’re not meeting anyone special? Does the thought of swiping yet another Tinder profile make you want to toss out your phone? Or worse – does the idea of meeting another stranger at a bar make you feel…exhausted?

You might have reached dating burnout. Don’t worry, it’s a temporary condition, but it can make you feel almost hopeless, wondering how to make dating fun again.

But dating can be fun, and it is within your power to turn things around. Instead of thinking things will never change, it’s time to approach dating with fresh eyes, and a new perspective. It’s time to mix things up so you feel energized and excited. After all, if you’re not having any fun dating, your dates are not going to have any fun hanging out with you – it goes both ways.

So, let’s get creative and cultivate some fun with these tips:

Date outside your type.

Are you drawn to women who are afraid of commitment, or who are looking for a guy to take care of them? Perhaps you only like to date yoga and fitness fanatics, or academic/ intellectual types. Regardless, it’s time to shake things up a little. Think outside the box, and start dating the women you would normally never consider. Here’s the thing: they will bring a new perspective and help broaden your horizons, whether or not you connect. And here’s a fun fact: most couples in long-term relationships ended up with a partner they never expected because she wasn’t his “type.”

Hire a matchmaker.

There’s nothing like a little outside perspective when it comes to your dating life. We might think that our dates have weird hang-ups or issues, but we do too! Nobody’s perfect. A matchmaker can help you see more clearly where things might be going wrong on a date, introduce you to people outside of your type, and suggest new venues or date ideas that could help spark a little more fun and connection.

Turn dates into mini adventures.

If you meet your dates at the same bars and coffee shops, then dating itself is going to feel a little stale. Instead, venture to a new neighborhood and explore a new part of town with your dates. It will make it more of an adventure. If sparks fly, great – that’s what you want. If they don’t, at least you both had a good time stepping outside your usual bubble.

Plan a date that involves something new you want to try.

Dating is the perfect opportunity to try something new without having to do it by yourself. If you’ve wanted to check out a photography class, tour a winery, ride a hot-air balloon, or drive a go-cart, this is your chance! Why not make your date more fun and accomplish some of your goals while you’re at it?

Take up a new sport or hobby.

If you really can’t stand the idea of another date, it might be time for a break. If you need to clear your head and gain a new perspective, try focusing your attention on something you love – a sport, hobby, or project – that feels motivating and fun. When you cultivate happiness in your own life, it naturally extends to your dating life.

Keep five fun questions handy in your first date arsenal.

I learned while hosting speed dating events that many people get tired of having the same conversations on dates. Instead of asking the usual questions, try getting a little creative. Rather than focusing on work or family questions, ask your date about her biggest fear, or her most embarrassing moment. A good place to start would be an article published in the New York Times, “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This” that offered some ideas for sparking more intimate conversation.

Do one thing every day that makes you happy.

This is crucial. If you aren’t creating happiness in your own life and you’re expecting someone else to do it, you will run into problems in future relationships. It’s not about who or what can make you happy, but what you can do to create more joy for yourself. And it begins with the small, everyday things. Whether it’s making the perfect cup of coffee, playing basketball, or going for a bike ride, do small things each day to help cultivate happiness.

These ideas will help spark more fun in your dating life, so what are you waiting for?