5 Innovative Ways to Meet New People During a Pandemic

5 Innovative Ways to Meet New People During a Pandemic

Posted By: Team Intrigued Date: 01-11-2021 Comments: 0

The COVID pandemic and quarantine measures forced everyone into work-from-home models and isolation. This limited in-person socialization and the possibility to meet new people. However, you can take advantage of advancing technology to make new friends and possibly start dating despite the pandemic. That said, below are five innovative apps that can help you meet new people and stay connected during this ongoing crisis.


Houseparty is an informal version of Skype that facilitates group video calls and other forms of communications. The app took inspiration from Skype, which enabled real-time collaboration and communication between employees in an organization. Unlike other applications where you have to call contacts, you simply need to drop-in and video chat with friends who are online on the platform. The application is primarily developed for video calls, questions, and games that bring different people together.


Meetup is another incredible app that makes it easy to meet new people during the pandemic. From the application, you can search for nearby events, expand your social network, learn new skills, explore outdoors, expand your knowledge on tech, and make long-lasting connections.


Unlike other apps, Clubhouse is an invites-only voice chat application with increasing popularity. Users invited into the app join different rooms where they can listen and participate in various conversations. You can see profiles of other room members, and the owner of the room has speaking privileges. This is a good way to meet new people while gaining knowledge.


Another app that makes it easy to meet new people is Lunchclub. The platform provides curated connections through several filtering options provided during registration. During the application, users provide information about their background, passion, goals, and interests. The app then filters the options and makes a match based on your info. With this, you can meet new people and make friends from different sectors.

Quarantine Together

Over time, more people have preferred the use of online dating apps to physical dating. If you are in this fold, Quarantine Together is a good platform to find your match. Users of the app are exposed to educational reminders about COVID prevention before finding their match. Unlike other online dating apps, you can video chat with your match to make meaningful connections.

Bottom Line

Staying idle at home and the inability to meet new people is certainly boring. Fortunately, you can make new friends and create meaningful connections using the apps mentioned above.