Matchmaker Spotlight: Meet pilates instructor Amber Rabbani

Matchmaker Spotlight: Meet pilates instructor Amber Rabbani

Posted By: Jennifer Foster Date: 03-07-2016 Comments: 0

Amber Rabbani is an extremely talented and successful Pilates Instructor by day and a passionate Intrigued Matchmaker in her spare time. After years of training high-profile, successful, gorgeous clientele in Los Angeles, one thing became very clear, too many of her clients were single and not meeting the right people.

With a built-in database of exceptional singles, Amber went to work helping them connect with others, just as qualified. She is responsible for several great pairings, and has a knack for understanding her clients and finding them a meaningful connection. We believe she is a rising star and couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome her as our newest addition to Intrigued’s Matchmaking Society.

Amber’s day job: She’s a BASI-certified Pilates instructor who works with clients to build power, precision, and physique. Before discovering her passion for Pilates, she studied dance at Loyola Marymount University, and has been doing Ballet since the age of six years old.

Interested in dating someone in her sphere of influence? You know , the type of person that takes pilates classes 😉

Visit Amber’s matchmaker profile to join her social circle and get access to people she knows.