Calling in the ‘One’ – A Course For Attracting Love (Book Review)

Posted By: Niki Payne Date: 01-29-2018 Comments: 0

Can you really attract love in only seven weeks? The answer may surprise you.

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5 Feng Shui Tips For Enhancing the Quality of Your Love Life

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 01-22-2018 Comments: 0

Do you want to re-energize your love life? The ancient practice of Feng Shui can help. Learn how to Feng Shui your love life!

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New Year, New Love: Dating Strategies That Work

Posted By: Niki Payne Date: 01-13-2018 Comments: 1

With finding love at the top of your New Year's resolutions list, we've got a fresh take on dating strategies that will turn your love life around.

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Why Your New Year’s Resolutions for Love Won’t Work Without A New Strategy First

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 01-06-2018 Comments: 0

Forget making yet another New Year's resolutions. Consider making NEW PLANS with a new strategy for achieving your relationship goals.

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Fascinating Kissing Traditions You Didn’t Know About

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 12-26-2017 Comments: 0

Most Americans know about the traditional New Year’s Eve kiss, but did you know about some of these kissing traditions in other parts of the world?

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