Why online dating apps may not be working for you

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 03-14-2016 Comments: 0

Technology has given us the ability to meet so many different people outside of our own social circles. This can be both empowering and seductive, but is it productive?

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Matchmaker Spotlight: Meet pilates instructor Amber Rabbani

Posted By: Jennifer Foster Date: 03-07-2016 Comments: 0

With access to some exceptional singles, this pilates instructor turned personal matchmaker has a few great pairings up her sleeve. Meet iConnect Matchmaker Amber Rabbani.

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Text dating: How long should you message before finally meeting in person?

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 03-03-2016 Comments: 0

Discover the pitfalls of text dating and avoid over-investing in someone before you've even had the chance to meet in person.

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Is there a difference between dating services and matchmaking? Yes!

Posted By: Niki Payne Date: 02-29-2016 Comments: 0

We set the record straight on the differences between dating services and matchmaking.

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3 ways to make your relationships stronger

Posted By: Niki Payne Date: 02-25-2016 Comments: 0

Strengthening the relationships closest you can support your immune system leading to a longer life with less stress.

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