How to prioritize your love life without giving anything up

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 04-04-2016 Comments: 0

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?! Discover how you can make your love life a bigger priority without ditching your other priorities.

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Do you have what it takes to be a professional matchmaker?

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 03-28-2016 Comments: 0

Learn three essentials skills common among the most successful matchmakers in the world.

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What is it like to work with a personal matchmaker?

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 03-24-2016 Comments: 0

Discover what it’s like to work with a personal matchmaker helping you find love among singles you never thought you could access for dating.

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How matchmaking can enhance your dating experiences

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 03-17-2016 Comments: 0

The beauty of matchmaking is that everyone is held accountable for their behaviors. You also get clarity on what makes you successful at dating.

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