The Most Romantic Travel Hot Spots in the World

The Most Romantic Travel Hot Spots in the World

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 08-29-2019 Comments: 0

Summer might be winding down, but that’s why it’s the perfect time to book a romantic getaway!

Vacations are like a reset button – when we are experiencing new environments, it refreshes our mind, body and spirit. It’s the same for your partnership. A romantic destination can breathe new life into your relationship and help you reconnect.

The key with traveling is to go with the flow and keep an open mind. Things will go wrong, but don’t let that derail you from having a good time. If your baggage doesn’t make it on time, you get to spend more time relaxing in the tub, lounging in your hotel, or having sex with your partner! If you get anxiety from flights or your first day exploring was a little unexpected or bumpy, take heart. This is only the beginning of your adventure – and there’s still plenty to enjoy.

One of the most exciting parts of romantic vacations is research – where do you want to go? What experience do you want to create? We’re all have different tastes, and that includes vacations. Think about what you will both enjoy. If you prefer different settings – strolling city streets versus lounging by the water, for example – aim for a destination that incorporates what you both love.

We’re excited to share some of our favorite recommendations. From beautiful beaches to charming cities to out-of-the-way retreats, there’s something for every traveler!

The Cinque Terre, Italy

This stretch of Mediterranean coastal towns often gets overlooked in favor of the Amalfi Coast and Venice, two very popular destinations in Italy. But there’s something magical about the Cinque Terre, with a long seaside walkway and hiking trails along dramatic coasts that link its five towns. Have drinks or a seafood dinner at a beachside restaurant or stroll the cobblestone streets between colorful buildings at night. There’s a mix of everything, and the food and ambiance are spectacular.

Big Sur, California

Do you want to escape the city and sleep among the redwoods, with dramatic seaside cliffs below? Welcome to Big Sur, a California romantic destination that’s like no other place in the world. This landscape is diverse, offering tall trees and stunning ocean views at every turn. If you want a little luxury you can stay at The Ventana or Post Ranch Inn for a pricey nightly fee, or you can opt for a more rustic experience and sleep among the trees at Deetjen’s or relax in your own cliffside yurt at Treebones Resort.

Mosel Valley, Germany

Does the idea of riding bikes along a gorgeous river with hillsides of vineyards on either side make you feel romantic? What about picturesque little towns of colorful houses and tons of great wine along the way? Welcome to Mosel Valley, Germany – the famous Rhine Valley’s forgotten cousin. There’s so much great food and wine here (the specialty is Riesling!), and the villages have an old-timey quality to them with charming cafes and bed and breakfasts. If you enjoy wine tasting and gorgeous views, this is a great romantic spot.

Ubud, Bali

Are you a picky traveler looking for luxury on a romantic vacation? Then Ubud, Bali is for you. The Four Seasons Resort brings together the rich forested landscape of the Ayung River Valley with a lot of luxury – we’re talking your own private villa. Plus, it’s pretty cool to walk along a suspension bridge over treetops to get there! For an alternative luxury spot, there’s also the dramatic Hanging Gardens of Bali with private terraces and balconies overlooking the trees. Book massages while you’re there.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This energetic and beautiful city has become a haven for American ex-pats, but that doesn’t mean it’s lost its charm. Enjoy strolling the cobblestone streets in the city center, rooftop restaurants and bars overlooking the valley, the quaint little shops and art galleries found in every courtyard, and the bustling weekend markets – this place is magical and a perfect spot to explore and get romantic.

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaiian beaches are what most people think of when they picture a romantic getaway. While Maui and Oahu are stunning, they are also very popular with tourists. If you’re looking for something a little more rustic and remote, try the North Shore of Kauai. Most of the resorts are situated on the south side of the island, where there is a lot of sun and excellent snorkeling. But the north side offers a little more peace and quiet – with lots of trees and dramatic views and hiking along the NaPali Coast.

Santorini, Greece

If you’ve seen images of gorgeous sunsets over a brilliant blue Aegean Sea, you’ve probably seen Santorini. Known for its dramatic white cliffside buildings and blue-domed churches (and numerous steps winding through!), it’s one of the most stunning places to visit and get your romance on. You can find the perfect spot to enjoy those views and a glass of wine from one of the many terraces. There are no bad views here.

Granada, Spain

This charming city is easy to fall in love with – cobblestone streets lined with trees, the backdrop of the famous Alhambra Palace, and stunning hillside views of the city all make it special. It’s surrounded by beautiful gardens and delicious restaurants with secluded terraces, which adds to the romance. For a throwback and elegant experience, stay at the Alhambra Palace Hotel and enjoy the lights of the city below.

The Maldives

As Harper’s Bazaar said when they listed the Maldives as one of the best romantic getaways, “There is no shortage of high-end private overwater bungalows and secluded beaches to visit on over 1,000 coral islands that make up the Maldives.” That’s enough to pique our interest. There are plenty of hotels to choose from, and the spring is considered the busiest season for travelers to the region. If you’re looking for beauty and luxury, this is the trip for you.

Languedoc Roussillon, France

This wine region of France is not as well-known as Provence, but it offers charming chateaus, rolling hills, vineyards, and delicious wine tasting. If you really want to get away, this is a great place to park yourselves for a few days of relaxation.

These are a few of our suggestions – have fun booking your next romantic getaway!

Kelly Seal is a freelance writer, dating expert, and author of the book “Date Expectations: A Guide to Changing Your Dating Life and Finding Real Love.” She got her start in the dating industry by hosting speed dating events around southern California and offering advice and encouragement to attendees. She now lives in L.A. and spends her free time hiking in the Santa Monica mountains and blogging at