5 Reasons Why Mrs. Claus Believes Santa Is The Perfect Man

5 Reasons Why Mrs. Claus Believes Santa Is The Perfect Man

Posted By: Niki Payne Date: 12-12-2018 Comments: 0

Before she joined Santa in eternal holiday bliss, Mrs. Claus was once a lonely single looking for love but never quite finding it. All she wanted for Christmas was a long-term relationship with a man who would love and cherish her as much as she did him. So she wrote a letter to Santa sharing with him a holiday wish list of sorts outlining everything she wanted in a partner and all the ways she would add value to his life. Little did she realize it was Santa she’d come to adore.

I recently spoke with a professional Santa about the idea of what Mrs. Santa’s holiday wish list would look like if she were writing one on behalf of singles everywhere. The premise is that she adores Santa and simply wants everyone to find a life partner as charming as her Santa.

“What is the perfect man? May I dare to guess that it’s Santa Claus?” said Robert Tatangelo who is now in his 36th season as a professional Santa Claus. “Fictional? Yes. But there are plenty of real Santa’s out there with those qualities and more.”

But just what are some of those qualities that Mrs. Claus so fell in love with, if not for his joyous belly laugh and rampant sex appeal? Well, we came up with at least five of St. Nick’s most redeeming qualities singles should really be looking for in a partner.

He’s loyal. He may travel a lot for work and even knows where all the naughty girls live, but he never strays and always comes home with gifts. All he asks for are milk and cookies waiting for him upon return.

He’s consistent. Hey may have a lot of late nights at the toy shop, but if he says he’s going to do something, he’ll do it because he honors his commitments. His only request is that you pay him with the same respect.

He’s jolly. He may be a little round in the middle, but he more than makes up for it with an eternal optimism that can turn any frown upside down. He enjoys making you smile and loves hearing you say how much you appreciate him.

He’s accepting. He may keep a naughty list, but he’s kind and forgiving because he understands that we all have our fair share of flaws. He’ll accept all of you – as you are now – all he wants is for you to accept him the way he accepts you.

He’s generous. He may like to get his hands dirty taking care of his reindeer, but he cleans up nicely and he’s great with children. He will gladly take care of you, all that he asks is that you making taking care of you a priority for you too.

All this to say that Mrs. Claus wants you to know there is more to love than meets the critical eye. What matters most in a partner is how they show up in your relationship. Men like Santa Claus show up when they know it counts the most.

“There are plenty of Santa’s out there looking for their Mrs. Claus,” said Tatangelo. “Give him a chance ladies.”

Niki Payne is a freelance writer and certified hypnotherapist passionate about personal development and healthy relationships. Contact Niki at www.nikipayne.com.