The Secret to Living Your Best Life (So You Can Attract Your Best Love Partner)

The Secret to Living Your Best Life (So You Can Attract Your Best Love Partner)

Posted By: Team Intrigued Date: 05-26-2018 Comments: 0

Love and life are so intimately intertwined that it’s difficult to separate them. If we’re not living our best life personally and professionally, then it should come as no surprise that our romantic life might be lacking, too.

There’s a secret, however, to finding fulfillment in all aspects of our journey. And after discovering the secret comes a more important question: do you have the courage to follow through? Are you ready to do what must be done to live your best life so you can attract your best love partner?

Figuring out what you want out of life and love can seem like the ordeal of a lifetime, but it’s only the first act of the grand opera. Next come the tests of your own internal insecurities and outside pressures to conform with convention. Our heart will be broken and our resolve will be shaken. It’s unavoidable. The journey is never easy. But, as winter gives way to spring, so too does our best life and best love await us on the other side of tempest and turmoil.   


It’s unfortunate that Joseph Campbell’s original words of wisdom have become a bit trite through overuse and misuse. But his charge to “follow your bliss” is at least as true in these confounding times as they were when the 20th century mythologist first shared them with the world just a few decades ago.

The “bliss” part is where most folks lose their way, because following one’s bliss isn’t a blind pursuit of power, pleasure or prestige. In your professional life, this means the high paying job or the key to executive restroom might seem like desirable baubles to lust after, but are they really what you want? Does chasing after them create the life you want?

One rule of thumb: ask your 10-year-old self what he or she wants out of life. That will indicate where your bliss resides.

Similarly, bliss in love isn’t driven by lust or money. Nor is it driven by fear of being alone. A social media selfie with the rich doctor or the stunning model will score you a lot of likes. But if that’s all you’re looking for, all you’ll ever find is the wrong kind of partner.   


Sometimes we don’t know what we want. But more often, fear clouds our vision and prevents us from seeing it. We want a firm and flexible yoga body, for instance, but that initial sweaty and awkward phase of slipping and struggling in the back of the class has us so terrified that we find excuses not to go or subconsciously create scheduling conflicts that prevent us from facing our fear of embarrassment.

The fact is, difficulty and discomfort are an essential ingredient of the journey. The whole process of being born into the world meant leaving the ultimate comfort zone and facing the difficulty that lay beyond! We were all fearless heroes once, it’s true. Since then, we may have fallen into a rut as we’ve refused to push ourselves further down the path toward growth.

And what fears hold us back in love? Perhaps the object of your desire is a different class, race or gender than is typically acceptable in your family social circles. Many people fear being alone, too, and so they leap frog from one relationship to the another, just settling for the next one to come along.  

Which brings us to our final point…


Knowing what you want and going after it is a great start. But, as we absorb life’s lessons, temptation is always there to pull us from the path. “Close enough,” we might say, or, “he’ll have to do” we’ll tell our friends as we bargain away our potential and retreat into our comfort zones.

But the journey never ends. If your heart isn’t beating a little quickly every now and then, you’re not living and you’re certainly not loving. Both life and love are meant to stretch and test our boundaries, so let’s not allow fears and insecurities to spoil our chance at getting the best of either.   

Our best life and our best love are right in front of us. Always have been. The secret is that they could both be ours, if only we have the courage to seize them. Love the journey! #LiveIntrigued