5 Fun & Unique Ways To Spend Your Summer

5 Fun & Unique Ways To Spend Your Summer

Posted By: Team Intrigued Date: 06-16-2018 Comments: 0

Adult summer camps are finally here, giving you the opportunity to revisit the summer camp experience of childhood with the added perks of being an adult. The crafts, community and even the pair-bonding you remember from being a kid are back to spice up your summer once more! This time, it’ll be better than you ever remembered.  


Featured on NBC’s Shark Tank, Camp No Counselors has become the ultimate sleepaway summer camp for grown ups with over ten locations throughout North America. It serves as the perfect place to escape from the responsibilities of everyday adulting while embracing the joys of childhood. Camp activities consist of archery, arts and crafts, ropes courses, and your favorite sports from childhood, topped off with themed parties and open bar—all included with your accommodation fees.


For personal growth on your own terms without it being shoved down your throat, consider Camp Bonfire where you can do anything you want or nothing at all! This adult summer camp boasts of a warm and inclusive atmosphere for stretching beyond your comfort zone so you can rediscover your best self. Laugh your way through a game of “Human Hungry Hippos”, exercise your poetic skills, learn how to play Quidditch, or indulge in a Thai massage—the options are liberating!


If your idea of romance involves fighting zombies till death do you part, then you’ll fall head over heels in love with Zombie Survival Camp where you just might find your ride-or-die boo. There’s no better way to ensure your love will last than with comprehensive training on all the skills needed to survive an impending apocalypse. From administering first aid to knife throwing, creating a shelter and gathering supplies, engaged couples may want to rethink their honeymoon destination to give their marriage a fighting chance.  


For all you sci-fi lovers, we just found your golden ticket for fulfilling your astronaut dreams. Space Camp actually exists and us big kids at heart now get to play too! Build rocket ships, sleep in pods, and discover what it takes to be mission-ready in the ultimate space adventure of a lifetime. Thank you, NASA!


Need help finding your zen and living a more balanced lifestyle? Soul Camp just might be the perfect prescription for treating mild to serious cases of dating fatigue. Camp activities include boating and dancing and well as yoga, breathwork and mindfulness training. Side effects include, but are by no means limited to, inner peace, deep relaxation and enlightening personal discoveries.

This summer, do something radically different that sets a whole new trajectory for your love life. We suggest signing up for an adult summer camp near you!