5 Ways to Prepare for Summer Dating

5 Ways to Prepare for Summer Dating

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 05-19-2018 Comments: 0

Summer is almost here! You know what that means – sunny days and warm nights, cocktails on the patio, and more than a hint of romance in the air.  

The gorgeous weather means people can shed their jackets, abandon their furnaces and venture outside. It’s much easier to be social when the weather cooperates – you can explore a new neighborhood on foot or camp out at the beach to enjoy the sun – and you have plenty of company. Summer provides a lot of great opportunities to meet people, especially for dating. Whether you’re on a dating app or prefer to meet people organically IRL – say at a local bar or a friend’s party, now’s the time to go out and have fun.

But what if summer dating seems a little daunting, especially if you’ve recently broken up or are tired of the swiping game? More opportunity can also mean more pressure to weary daters – pressure to look great (especially in shorts and bathing suits), to be more outgoing, and to find someone special. Instead of putting all this pressure on yourself, take a step back, relax, and focus on having fun and meeting new people instead. Keep an open mind! Here are five ways to prepare for summer dating:

Make plans with your friends.

The best part of summer is reconnecting with friends. We all get busy during the year, but since so many people have looser summer schedules (shorter hours on Fridays, vacation time), it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up and grab dinner at your favorite spot with the incredible patio. (Yes, you should definitely take advantage of outdoor eateries!) But here’s another idea: ask your friends to bring other friends along. Plan a party or barbeque together. Say yes to all invitations, even those from people you don’t know so well. The point is to expand your social circles and increase your opportunities to meet people. You never know when a new friend might introduce you to someone special, so be open.

Find an outfit that makes you feel good.

This is a must – we all should have a go-to date outfit that makes us feel like a million bucks. It’s a good idea to have a favorite summer dress or LBD for evenings, but also have a casual outfit for a spur-of-the-moment picnic or bike ride with someone you find intriguing. It’s not about buying a lot of clothes – it’s about cultivating self-love and feeling sexy. A go-to outfit adds a sense of confidence to your energy, which is so attractive.

Scope out local events.

There’s so much going on over the summer, it’s hard to know where to begin. The month of May is a great time to plan – not only your vacation time, but your weekends at home. Check your local listings for concerts, festivals, food and art fairs, outdoor movie screenings, or whatever else sounds fun. Schedule them in your calendar, so you have a list of date ideas that excite you.

Get active.

This isn’t about going on some extreme diet for bikini season –  it’s about enjoying what your city or town has to offer. Summer is a time to get outside, to swim, to ride bikes – in other words, to enjoy being active. Too many people let their weight or body type get in the way of having fun – don’t let this be you! Instead of focusing on how you look in a bathing suit, try something new, like joining a volleyball team or taking a surf lesson. Challenge yourself. Feeling confident and strong is essential to being your best self. That’s what sexy is all about.

Meet in person!

If you’re online dating, this is a must. So many people get caught up in messaging and swiping that they never get to the actual date, which is where the magic can happen. So instead of flirting over text until one of you disappears, ask your matches out in the beginning! Try to do active or fun things, like walking your dogs or going to a food fair (see local events above…). Take advantage of the good weather and invite someone new to join you in doing something you’re excited to do. It puts both of you in a great frame of mind, making it possible for feeling a spark.

Happy summer dating!