10 Things Every Single Should Do On Valentine’s Day

10 Things Every Single Should Do On Valentine’s Day

Posted By: Kelly Seal Date: 02-09-2017 Comments: 0

Valentine’s Day is a day of romance – flowers, fancy dinners, chocolate, and weekend getaways – a celebration for couples in love. But what do you celebrate if you’re single and you can’t stand the thought of watching another jewelry commercial or romantic comedy?

Rest assured, you’re not alone if you’d rather ignore Valentine’s Day. In fact, more than half of the U.S. adult population (according to recent U.S. census records) is single, and probably not excited about the holiday either. But what do you do instead?

Should you wait it out at home while less than half the population celebrates? No, not at all. 

In fact, Valentine’s Day is really about love, and I’m not talking just romantic love. Think about the people you have in your life, who you are grateful for – whether it’s your friends, your sister, a favorite aunt, a running buddy – and celebrate that love.

Love is something we all have to give, and that we can all receive. The holiday is about celebrating love in all of its forms? In honor of the love you have in your life right now, I have a list of 10 things every single should do on Valentine’s Day.

1. Send a candy gram to a friend, co-worker, neighbor or family member.

Who says Valentine’s Day gifts should be limited to a romantic partner? Think back to grade school days, when we gave cards or candy to everyone in the class. Valentine’s Day was about community, about friendship – not romantic love. In that spirit, send a candy gram to a friend, co-worker, family member, or anyone else you want to treat.

2. Host a singles party.

There’s no reason to be alone on Valentine’s Day, especially when you have friends to celebrate with you. Host a party for all your single friends, and serve decadent treats like chocolate fondue, cake, and champagne to enjoy.

3. Have a Spa Day.

Grab a friend or two and make an appointment to get yourself pampered, whether it’s massage, facials, mani-pedis, or all of the above. Treat yourself, and get drinks together afterward. There’s nothing more romantic you can do for yourself.

4. Try a new activity.

We often don’t have time (or give ourselves time) to indulge in a new hobby. Have you wanted to try printmaking, or pottery, or racquetball? Instead of doing the same old thing, give yourself time to learn something new on February 14th.

5. Volunteer.

It might not sound sexy, but volunteering is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Helping others puts you in an optimistic frame of mind, and helps you connect (especially when you’re feeling isolated or alone). Not to mention, it reminds you of everything you already have in your life – practice gratitude.

6. See someplace new.

Are you a nomad at heart, or are you feeling restless? Why not take a trip on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s to a new neighborhood in your city or a three-hour drive to the mountains? Take advantage of this time to explore and reconnect with yourself.

7. Valentine’s gift exchange.

Why wait for a romantic partner to come along to give you a Valentine’s Day gift? Instead, host a gift exchange with your friends. Have each person bring a themed gift – whether it’s related to hearts, pampering, or feminism – and draw names out of a hat to exchange.

8. Invest in Yourself.

This might not seem romantic, but it’s a good idea to invest in yourself and your personal development for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to attend a conference, take an evening class toward your degree, or invest in the stock market, sign up on February 14th.

9. Join an online dating service.

Why not use February 14th as an inspiration to meet someone new? Join a matchmaking service like Intrigued, or sign up for a new dating app that you haven’t tried, like Hinge or Coffee Meets Bagel. It’s a good excuse to get out there – and this is online dating’s most popular season to join.

10. Create a vision board.

What do you want the next year of your life to look like? I’m not strictly speaking about your romantic life – what about your career goals, the lifestyle you want to lead, a skill you want to master? Create a vision board this February 14th to help guide you, and use it as inspiration throughout the year.

Regardless of how you spend Valentine’s Day, make sure you take care of yourself! Giving yourself some love is what it’s all about, no matter what day it is.