What Your Gym Membership Says About Your Relationship Style

What Your Gym Membership Says About Your Relationship Style

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What Your Gym Membership Says About Your Relationship Style

There are many different types of relationship styles. You may be more comfortable with a secure attachment- where you always enjoy being in the company of your partner. Others need their space from time to time; owing to experiences they had while growing up.

You may be wondering which relationship style suits you best. While previous experiences could help you decide, your gym membership also holds valuable insights into what type of relationship will make you truly happy.

But how can there be similarities between romance and physical exercise? Read on to find out.  

Membership Gyms

Membership gyms are the popular LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, and UFC Gyms. These gyms work on a long-term membership model, where you pay a regular fee for access to the gym’s facilities.

If you have a gym membership, you probably prefer being independent and following your unique workout routine. You may wish to take advantage of the many amenities included in your package, such as cardio equipment, swimming pools, tennis courts, and much more.

What it says about your relationship style:

If you prefer membership gyms, you may be a dismissive-avoidant person in relationships. This means that you’ll wish to have your personal space from time to time.

Occasionally wanting your space doesn’t mean that you don’t desire the companionship of your partner. It means that you’ve developed a strong sense of independence since childhood. This is also reflected in your gym membership, where you prefer to have full control over your patterns of physical activity. 

Crossfit Gyms

Crossfit gyms are the group classes that feature pre-established workouts. Everyone in the class follows a fixed routine under guidance from an instructor. Think Orange Theory, Zumba, and other group workout sessions.

What it says about your relationship style:

People who prefer CrossFit Gyms are more likely to be secure attachment types within a relationship. This means that you’re happy being in the company of others with whom you share common goals. You also enjoy being supportive of your classmates (and your partner) and establishing healthy productive relationships with others.

Secure attachment types are very trustworthy of their partner and are less likely to feel jealous or insecure.

Boot Camp Gyms

Boot camps are similar to Crossfit gyms, only that they’re designed to be easier for people to learn. They also have specific timeframes that encourage you to achieve a particular goal within the stipulated duration. For example, you may be trying to build up your cardio for an upcoming competition, or to shed off a few pounds before summer. Boot camp gyms are a popular option for such goals.

What it says about your relationship style:

If you’re a boot camp membership type of person, you may be goal-driven when it comes to relationships. This means that you tend to be clear about what you wish to achieve, and you also encourage your partner to share the same vision.

You’re also likely to put more effort into the relationship, with the goal of getting the same energy back from your partner.

High-End Gyms

High-end memberships refer to luxury boutiques or personal training options. For example, pilates, bar method, yoga, and personal trainers are all a form of high-end memberships. These options pay attention to detail, are results-driven, and are suited for maximum comfort.

What it says about your relationship style:

If you enjoy high-end membership options, you’re also likely to experience attention in your relationship. You may be a fan of pampering (or being pampered) by flowers, gifts, or fancy dinners. You probably also enjoy feeling wanted or making your partner feel special.