Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Intrigued different from online and mobile dating?

Intrigued is a personalized matchmaking service, not a dating service or dating app. As a member or client of Intrigued, you will connect with several matchmakers at a time. Those matchmakers have access to a large network of singles not typically found online or on swiping apps. Matchmakers simplify the dating process for you by screening and vetting your potential matches, introducing you to singles you normally wouldn't meet on your own, and by handling all the scheduling and planning details leading up to your first dates. You're also able to guide the process by having your voice heard through consistent communication with your matchmaker and survey responses about your date, match and overall experience with Intrigued.

How do I get started?

You can become a member by simply filling out a basic profile on the Intrigued site. There is no cost involved. Your information is completely private and shall remain confidential from our dating pool and the world wide web. Only matchmakers will have access to your viewable information. Once you take that step, matchmakers can select you as a match for their clients or you can request to be considered as a match in a matchmaker's network. We currently allow members to join up to two matchmaker networks.

Is there a matchmaking contract?

No. We encourage members and clients to work with a matchmaker for a three date minimum but there is no obligation to do so. Statistically, members and clients find success by first, finding a matchmaker who understands them and "gets" what they're looking for and second, being open to the process of meeting new people, learning about themselves and giving productive feedback after each date. Matchmaking can be true magic in your dating life, but it takes willing participants invested in a similar outcome for it to work.

Do you do background checks?

All Intrigued matchmakers go through a full and extensive background check before being accepted as a matchmaker and given access to our members and clients. As a member or client, you will be screened by your matchmaker, your name sent through the national sex offender registry database and Internet search will be conducted by your matchmaker per Intrigued policy. All findings will be confidential to other members and clients but any questionable backgrounds will be reported to Intrigued management with an immediate freeze on your account. All future introductions will cease until the issue is cleared or the relationship is deemed necessary to terminate. However, we know even an extensive background check doesn't insure your safety and always recommend our members and clients exercise solid judgment and common sense before disclosing personal information or taking a first date any further.

Are there any recurring costs or cancellation fees I need to know about?

No. We don't have membership fees, recurring costs or hoops to jump through if you no longer wish to date through Intrigued. We just ask that you keep your settings updated so our matchmakers know when you are available to go on dates.

Why should I be a client and not just a member?

Both members and clients have the opportunity to go on hand-selected, curated dates through a matchmaker that will handle all the screening, vetting, scheduling and planning for them. With no cost to be a member, you're able to connect with matchmakers and be considered as a potential match for our clients. As a Client, our matchmakers will not only consider you as a match for other clients but search their networks, friends' list, connections, database and community for your best match.

What will a matchmaker do for me once they've been hired?

Your matchmaker will want to get to know you and what you're looking for in a relationship. Most likely, a face to face, Skype or phone interview will be scheduled so the two of you can review your likes, dislikes and what you find attractive. From there, your matchmaker will screen and vet your potential matches, send you information on your best matches, and take care of all the scheduling and planning details of your first dates. Depending on your personal situation and preferences, feedback sessions and coaching may also be provided by your matchmaker.

What is the difference between an iConnect, iSelect and iPremier Matchmaker?

The levels are based on professional experience. iConnect Matchmakers have less than two years of professional experience, iSelect Matchmakers have somewhere between two and five years of professional experience and iPremier Matchmakers have more than five years of professional experience. At Intrigued we qualify our matchmaker's professional experience by their history of charging for matchmaking services. In most cases, our matchmakers have experience working for or owning their own matchmaking business. Some matchmakers have been matchmaking their friends and family members for a lifetime, with several successful relationships and marriages to their credit. Although we know this might demonstrate a great matchmaker we do not qualify their experience as professional.

Can I afford matchmaking?

Yes, you can! We've screened and done the legwork to find you the most talented matchmakers in your city while offering you affordable, quality matchmaking services like never before. By bringing together a crowd of passionate matchmakers, Intrigued has lowered the cost of doing business dramatically and the savings go straight into your pocket.

How do I become a client?

We've made it simple! Once you fill out a basic profile on the Intrigued site at no cost, you'll be able to browse and search for matchmakers that meet your criteria. You'll have access to their reviews and rates before starting a dialog or choosing to hire them. Once you find a matchmaker that meets your needs, you'll have the option to hire them on a per date basis or in advance at a discount.

Can I switch to a different matchmaker at anytime?

Absolutely! We encourage members and clients to work with a matchmaker for a 3 date minimum but there is no obligation to do so. Your matchmaker will always do his/her best to find you great matches but chemistry is something altogether different. Going on hand-selected dates through a matchmaker will get you closer to what you're looking for than ever before, but the rest is a fine-tuning process that comes down to timing, chemistry, open communication with your matchmaker and personal growth. Your experience will be what you make it.

Can I hire more than one matchmaker?

Yes, as a client, you may hire one matchmaker per plan and select as many plans as you want matchmakers. This works well for our clients who consistently travel to select cities or live by-coastal.

As a Client, can I get my dating advance back at anytime?

Yes. We offer a pay-as-you-go option or a pay-in-advance option to all of our clients. If you decide to pay-as-you-go, your form of payment will be stored confidentially by Intrigued and only accessed with your approval. When you select the pay-in-advance option, your funds are held in your dating account with Intrigued and completely refundable at anytime. All we ask is that you be fair to your matchmaker and insure payment when services have been provided.

What if I don't have a good date?

At the very least, we hope every date can be considered a positive learning experience for all parties. Intrigued matchmakers work diligently to find you a compatible match. After each date, we ask that you give truthful, honest and productive feedback to your matchmaker so the process can be fine-tuned. Matchmakers will learn from your feedback and work to choose a more focused match for your next date. The more open and honest you are with your matchmaker, the more focused your dates will be.